The LearnGalaxy researches and supports proposal writing for national and international educational and technological live online elearning projects.

LANCELOT (LANguage Learning by CErtified Live Online Teachers).
Leonardo da Vinci, Language Competencies II, 2005-2007.

AVALON (Access to Virtual and Action Learning live ONline).
European Commission, Transversal KA 3, Jan 2009-Dec 2010.
Project website: http://www.avalonlearning.eu,
AVALON community: http://avalon-project.ning.com,
Visit "AVALON project" on Facebook and @avalonlearning on Twitter.

- Standard-compliant Autonomous Software Agents for ELearning.
EU proposal, submitted March 2005, FP6-2004-IST-4.

ANEMONE (AugmeNted Experience for Media-Rich COllaborative WorkiNg Environments).
EU Proposal submitted in Oct 2005, FP6,

Dr. Hündgen was the main initiator of the LANCELOT project and co-initiator of the AVALON project.

Our role and activities in/for the projects above.

Publicationsevents and videos about LANCELOT and AVALON.

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