You need Founder Coaching (Coaching for founders) and/or Personal Coaching? Do you wish to work self-employed as Live Online Trainer?

Then you are exactly right here.


  • It is assumed that the person being coached already has all experience and knowledge in herself/himself to manage life in a successful and healthy way. We think that only the sight may be sometimes obscured by blockades and meanwhile obsolete perceptions, so that the internal wisdom cannot optimally be found and used yet.
  • We emphasize that in all types of coaching the coach always and only acts indirectly. The coach assists the coached person to make aware existing perception structures, to solve blockades and to find own, new solutions.


  • Self Experience: All of our coachings are characterized by the focus "self knowledge by blockade solving". If you really want to work on yourself, come to us. Find and use your full potential!
  • Individuality: Depending on the specific type of each problem, we are ready to involve specialists from different disciplines. This makes each Personal Coaching completely individual.
  • Flexibility: In each coaching your Business Coaching and Personal Coaching goals can be combined. This can, for example, be helpful, whenever personal life themes deter somebody from successful work in a favoured profession.
  • Location-Independency: By default, all coachings are conducted live online. Depending on theme, coaching phase and/or context, on-site phases can be required.
  • Personal Responsibility and Freedom: Our coaches will make professional suggestions and will support you in all areas and phases. But the coaching themes and solutions will only be determined BY YOURSELF! Our most important maxim is not to patronize or influence you, but to strengthen your self-responsibility.

Our coaches are available for YOU at any time, work in YOUR pace, with YOUR goals.