Live Online Workshops (Overview)

Our cutting-edge workshop offer for your access to live online training:

1. Full-day "Power Praxis Workshop" (PPW, 1-12 single seats):
You book 1-12 seats for yourself or for your staff.

2. Full-day "Power Praxis Workshop Complete" (PPW, whole workshop) :
Your are a company and book all 12 seats of a workshop. You may resale these seats at your conditions to a third party.

With our live online workshop you book pedagogical and technical consulting in a complete package.

Experience and inform yourself in our workshops,

  • why it is fullfilling and profitable for you to become a live online trainer,
  • why you should implement live online training in your company,
  • why your on-site trainers should be retrained as live online trainers,
  • how your career as live online trainer or training supervisor could start.