Dr. Hündgen invented and mainly initiated the European project LANCELOT. Therefore she is the originator of the funded European research in the field of live online training.

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About us

About us

The LearnGalaxy is

  • the first European Live Online Competence Center
  • the leading institute for live online didactics and live online training in Europe
  • a European platform that brings vendors and customers of live online services together
  • Provider of professional courses, in which on-site trainers are qualified to teach as live online trainer and training supervisor
  • a live online elearning agency for competent pedagogical consulting
  • a recruitment platform for live online trainers
  • a live online trainer procurement agency
  • a live online information portal
  • the European live online community

Your advantages:

  • Excellent worldwide career opportunities for trainers
  • Training comfortably at home, in the office or in the holiday location
  • Increase of market value as trainer
  • You save time and money live online
  • Increase of competency for institutions by qualified, certified live online trainers
  • Immediate, worldwide presence with your own educational opportunities
  • Your communication and interaction processes will become more efficient and productive
  • Increase of your business success through our network
  • Comprehensive information about live online training
  • With love for learning

    Our hearts beat for learning and further education without limits

  • Holistic concepts

    Learning with head, heart and hand

  • Speed

    Quicker, easier and more relaxed learning

  • Methodology

    Innovative and integrative learning and teaching methods

  • Learning to learn

    Improvement of learning efficiency through metacognition

  • Innovative virtual learning rooms

    Latest learning technologies (virtual classrooms, asynchronous learning systems)

  • Intercultural competece

    Internationally experienced trainers

  • Focused on research

    Invention, co-initiation and development of European research projects

  • Market relevance

    Expanding future market


Mission of the LearnGalaxy is to professionalize live online training so, that everybody worldwide can develop, offer, advertise, search and visit live online training with simple means.


Etablishment of live online training as third pillar of further education (beside face-to-face training and asynchronous elearning) in Europe:

Our specializations:

Teaching competencies (methodology, didactics)
Customer orientation
Course development

Main business areas:

  • Innovative learning methodology

  • Integrative didaktics

  • Modern teaching in virtual live classrooms

  • Use of highly modern media

  • Intercultural competence