1. LOT 1000 Winter Semester 2018, Thursday, 18th of October
– Evening Standard Course
– Course number (ID): WS18-LOT1000-EC12-THU
– Duration: 12 months
– Live online sessions: Monday 7pm-10pm, every 3-4 weeks
– Technical support before each live online session: 6.30pm-7pm
– Self study per module: 7 hours attended, 8 hours unattended (see point 1 below)
– Language: German

1. Live online rooms for attended self study are available at the dates stated above. In the Evening Standard Courses each participant is obliged to participate in attended self study for at least 7 hours within the first two weeks after each live online session. Within the third week after each live online session there usually won´t be attended self study.
2. There are live online rooms for self study available without time restrictions.
3. All types of LOT 1000 courses are of the same level and result in the same graduation/certificate.
4. The duration of the courses can be reasonably extended depending on bank holidays and school holiday.
5. Intensive courses and holiday courses can partly take place during Bavarian school holidays.
6. For institutions/companies we can arrange special dates.